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Hurricane Proof?

Hurricane coming? 


Higher quality construction up-front always pays off in the long run, and these condos have been built with storms in mind.  While no one likes to think of Hurricanes or even mention that name, it is a fact of life on the East Coast and something to think about in advance of building in the LowCountry. 

The first floor of Tides is constructed at an elevation of 18.5 feet above sea level  - 3 feet above the Town of Mt. Pleasant flood elevation.

Utilities are underground at The Tides, and there are redundant signal and water feeds from multiple sources. The power utility recognizes Tides as a priority interruption clearance location because of the number of condos. In a storm situation, Tides is designed with 6 emergency power generators on-site to provide all life safety needs, water pressure boost pumps, and multiple elevator operations per building.

“All critical HVAC equipment is located on the roof rather than at ground level to insure no loss of use due to any possible flooding. The critical equipment rooms in the parking garages of each building can be secured from water intrusion since they are built with flood-proof door mechanisms. Aside from landscape and exposed amenity damage, no other major repair expense from a storm event is anticipated.”


Storm Wall


A 10.5-foot above sea level wall around the entire complex was constructed in order to reduce flood insurance costs which continue to rise. By constructing the multi-million dollar retaining wall,  the ANNUAL flood insurance premium is reduced significantly which will help to keep HOA costs to a minimum.  In the Charleston area, the HOA or Regime Fees are high due to the fact that these fees are often paying the flood insurance among the other multiple insurances needed for condominium building communities.