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Details for Tides 1-2-3

Overlooking the tidal marsh, harbor and the Waterfront Park, Tides brings the glory of nature into your living space. Not only are the breath-taking views a daily joy, but this convenient location next to the Ravenel Bridge allows one to be actively engaged in life.



The Tides condos were built with solid construction and details to provide as much sound proofing as possible by separation of the units and to make each condo quiet and comfortable.


10 foot ceiling heights as well as an 18" void above the sound-attenuating gypsum ceilings suspended below the concrete structure. This 18" void space provides allowance for 8" of thermal and sound insulation, additional airspace, duct work and recessed down lights. 


The wall systems between condos is a double stud wall system with 3 layers of 5/8" fire rated gypsum board. There are 2 separate stud walls between each unit as well as thermal insulation and the above mentioned gyp board rendering adjacent unit noise a non-issue. 8-inch post tensioned concrete floors, suspended ceilings, and dual wall systems with sound attenuation blankets and air spaces create a quiet environment.

Tides was permitted to build to a height of 80 feet, and sacrificed an additional floor in order to provide this quality of construction to its new owners.

“All critical HVAC equipment is located on the roof rather than at ground level to insure no loss of use due to any possible flooding. The critical equipment rooms in the parking garages of each building can be secured from water intrusion since they are built with flood-proof door mechanisms. Aside from landscape and exposed amenity damage, no other major repair expense from a storm event is anticipated.”

TIDES 0137.jpg



Higher quality construction up-front always pays off in the long run, and these condos have been built with storms in mind.  While no one likes to think of Hurricanes or even mention that name, it is a fact of life on the East Coast and something to think about in advance of building in the LowCountry. 

The first floor of Tides is constructed at an elevation of 18.5 feet above sea level  - 3 feet above the Town of Mt. Pleasant flood elevation.

Utilities are underground at The Tides, and there are redundant signal and water feeds from multiple sources. The power utility recognizes Tides as a priority interruption clearance location because of the number of condos. In a storm situation, Tides is designed with 6 emergency power generators on-site to provide all life safety needs, water pressure boost pumps, and multiple elevator operations per building.


A 10.5-foot above sea level wall around the entire complex was constructed in order to reduce flood insurance costs which continue to rise. By constructing the multi-million dollar retaining wall,  the ANNUAL flood insurance premium is reduced significantly which will help to keep HOA costs to a minimum.  In the Charleston area, the HOA or Regime Fees are high due to the fact that these fees are often paying the flood insurance among the other multiple insurances needed for condominium building communities.





  • Open floor plans for the kitchen/living spaces overlooking Charleston Harbor. Ten-foot ceilings are standard.

  • Variety of floor plans personalized with custom interiors.

  • Professional Viking appliances, granite countertops, custom cabinets, wood and natural stone flooring, and crown and baseboard molding.

  • Walk-in closets and bathrooms featuring granite countertops, whirlpool tubs and frameless glass showers. The Master bedrooms are large.

  • Large pantries, walk-in closets, utility closets, and reserved parking in the garage under each building.

  • Ethernet wiring and extensive outlets for high-tech telecommunications and entertainment systems.



Each of the three buildings offers:

  • Lobby with a two-story atrium, kitchen, mailboxes and restrooms leading out to an open-air veranda that overlooks the harbor.

  • Proximity card or keypad entry into parking, lobbies and elevators for security and privacy.

  • Four elevators, each residence has direct access to an elevator connecting to that home’s private elevator lobby.

  • Extensive soundproofing – both vertically and laterally.

  • Architectural cast stone and curtain wall exterior with materials specified to withstand the wind and moisture challenges of the coastal Lowcountry environment.

  • Impact glass, which consists of three layers of glass melded into an inch-thick membrane.

  • A support system consisting of more than 400 concrete pilings extending over 60 feet in depth under each building.

Security at Tides Condos


Thoughtfully designed with quality construction, these luxury condominiums offer privacy and security.

  • Every condo has a deeded parking space in the well-lit garage, and some of the larger condos have two. All condos can be accessed by elevator from the garages. There is plenty of parking outside as well with numerous light fixtures making it easy to navigate.  

  • There are security cameras monitoring the premises by computer, and fob pads allowing access only to owners to their own floor.

  • The 4 elevator shafts per building, and halls & stairwells are well-lit.

  • Secure elevators with a combination and fob entry protects privacy.

  • The hallways are well-lit and there are four elevators on every floor for personal access to each condo.

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